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Liz Brizzi (Italian, France) - 1: Drifting Along Tonle Sap River, 2014  2: Kamoga Waodori, 2014  Photo Collage and Acrylics on Wood Panel  3: Mojave Sands, 2013 Photo Collage on Paper, Acrylic Paints on Canvas  4: Groves of Arashiyama, 2014 Photo Collage and Acrylics on Wood Panel

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Omari Dixon, Emmanuel Lawal, April Alexander, Kae Kae -  ’The Origin’ 

PHOTOGRAPHY: Jo’lene Henry

PRINT DESIGN: Katarina Voloder

DESIGNERS: Stephanie Ghoussain, Katrin Salem, Samuella Palmer

MAKE-UP: Gina Blondell

HAIR: Aaron Blondell

Title: Slippin Around
Artist: Zhala
Album: Prophet
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Zhala - Slippin Around

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Lonely Woman in a Park, Wladyslaw Wankie


Lonely Woman in a Park, Wladyslaw Wankie


"Woman of Substance" x "Ecstasy of the lillies" by Octavio Ocampo

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(by louhma)

(by louhma)


A series of mash-ups by Basel Elmaqosui, pairing classic works by the masters with scenes from the street.

Mr. Elmaqosui inserted “The Card Players” by Cézanne into a photograph of men playing cards on a blanket in one of the United Nations schools that have sheltered thousands of displaced residents for weeks. He put Picasso’s “Child With a Dove” next to an actual dove — or perhaps a white pigeon — perched on one of the only walls that remain standing in the destroyed village of Khuza’a, in front of a Palestinian flag. Beside a Beit Hanoun neighborhood reduced to rubble, the figure in Edvard Munch’s “The Scream” howls. 

“Many of these drawings are related to our reality. They happened before in the world. It’s like they are happening again now.” He said.

See the article “ Artists’ Work Rises From the Destruction of the Israel-Gaza Conflict ” about his work in the New York times . 

Title: Magnetic Man
Artist: Dark Furs
Album: En L'air
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Dark Furs | Magnetic Man

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Akino Kondoh

Akino Kondoh

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Sudanese model Wendy by Lynnette Astaire