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Christy Lee Rogers

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Title: When It All Comes Down
Artist: Miaow
Album: When It All Comes Down
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Miaow | When It All Comes Down


cardiac wallpaper

available here

thx to juliaclementine for showing me :)

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Gatito durmiendo: Thomas (by Ruthie ^_^)

Gatito durmiendo: Thomas (by Ruthie ^_^)


Japanese photographer Hidenobu Suzuki captured these stunning shots of Mount Fuji looming over Fujinomiya, a city located in the Shizuoka Prefecture of Japan.

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Title: Clean
Artist: Sneaker Pimps
Album: Tesko Suicide
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Sneaker Pimps | Clean

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Elegant Lady Pouring Tea, Lê Phổ 

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Pascal Meunier: Damascus, Syria (1997)

~remembering Damascus during peace time~

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Kevin Chupik

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Wink Space: An Immersive Kaleidoscopic Mirror Tunnel Inside a Shipping Container

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