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Title: Share It All
Artist: Jessie Ware
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Jessie Ware | Share It All

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Barbara S. Groff

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The Gentlewoman S/S 2014

The Gentlewoman S/S 2014


Artist on Tumblr

Lisa Adams | on Tumblr (Australia)

Lisa Adams creates images that are often unsettling, sometimes melancholy or by turns uplifting, but always affecting and richly atmospheric. The scale on which she works affords her involved and tightly realised paintings an intimacy that echoes the personal nature of her subject matter. Indeed, she explores grand emotions on a humble scale so that the very act of looking at her paintings is a revelatory and ultimately rewarding experience. Adam’s emblematic paintings hold the promise of divested secrets and play with constructions of language through the incorporation of witty titles. (src. QUT Art Museum Public Programs by Alison Kubler, Curator)

© All images courtesy of the artist

[more Lisa Adams | artist found at actegratuit]

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Title: Dream On
Artist: Christian Falk feat Robyn
Album: Now 71
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RIP Christian Falk

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Japanese Lanterns (1895), Luther Emerson Van Gorder


Japanese Lanterns (1895), Luther Emerson Van Gorder

Warrior princess Priya


I don’t usually ask people to do things like this, but please signal boost + donate if you can. This is a fund set up for my 2-year-old cousin Priya. She was born without a pulmonary artery, and just received her fourth open heart surgery after being flown from Minnesota to Stanford in California for the second time. From her page:

Priya and her mother, Christy, will be in California for over three months, the first part for observation to make sure they’ve stopped all the internal bleeding and the remaining to recover from her fourth open-heart to address the underlying pulmonary artery problem.

Please go to for more background. Her underlying problems stem from being born without a pulmonary artery and a number of other defects.  The surgeries are all to address those problems.  They have been making progress, but is a very complicated situation.

In 2013, Priya spent almost 6 months in the hospital in different situations including 24 hours in operating rooms.  This included the last 15-hour surgery at Stanford in October and November.  Before going to Stanford this year, she was in and out of the hospital four times from late April to late June.  In spite of that, she is a very joy filled little girl.  She lifts everyone’s heart and nurses compete to care for her.
Thank you!

(by JaS Photoland)

(by JaS Photoland)

Alyssa Monks

Alyssa Monks is an American painter born in 1977 in Ridgewood, New Jersey, who specializes in hyperrealism. She began oil painting as a child and earned her M.F.A from the New York Academy of Art in 2001. She uses filters such as glass, vinyl, water, and steam to distort the body of her subjects placed in shallow spaces, most often bathing or pushing against the glass window.

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Title: Realla Feat. Anderson Paak
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TOKiMONSTA // Realla Feat. Anderson Paak