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Liu Wen, Numero China

Shot by Txema Yeste, styled by Tim Lim. Make-up: Tyron Machhausen


Edvard Munch, The Girls on the Bridge, 1901


Edvard MunchThe Girls on the Bridge, 1901

Me. I Am Cecilia… The Reluctant Clown.

Me. I Am Cecilia… The Reluctant Clown.

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Title: Right Here (feat. Oh Land)
Artist: Tricky
Album: Adrian Thaws
Plays: 72

Tricky | Right Here
feat. Oh Land

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Lissa Bockrath

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Cinematography and edit: Tao Farren-Hefer
Stills and concept: Kent Andreasen
Styling and concept: Gabrielle Kannemeyer
Hair and Make-up: Emma Launder
Model: Giannina Antonette

Title: Lined Up
Artist: Kyoka
Album: Is (Is Superpowered)
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kyoka | lined up (raster-noton)

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Dani Soon

Thumbelina Series

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In Silence Known By Andrea Kowch

In Silence Known By Andrea Kowch

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FASHION: 3D Printed Fashion Collection by Noa Raviv

Designer Noa Raviv uses classical art and its evolution as the point of departure for her 3D printed collection ‘Hard Copy’.

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