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The real reason MegaUpload was shut down?


In December of 2011, it was reported by Digital Music News that the creators of MegaUpload were rolling out plans for a new cloud based music service that had the potential to change the music industry.

Called Megabox, it would have created an alternative to record labels as a means for artists to sell their music on-line, cut out the middle man and allow artists to keep 90 percent of their earnings.

They were also going to have a program called Megakey that allowed artists to offer their music free and still generate revenue.

This came just a week or so after Universal filed to have a promotional video by Megaupload removed from youtube that featured A list artists, that Universal had absolutely no claim to.

Was Megaupload taken down because it was a threat to an existing business model, that makes a lot of people a lot of money?

It’s starting to look that way.

Also, for your reading enjoyment, here is an interview with the founder of Megaupload concerning the youtube video take down, and his previous problems with Universal.


Mystery surrounds Universal’s takedown of Megaupload YouTube video on C|NET

MegaUpload Is Now Launching a Music Service Called MegaBox… on Digital Music News

Post on google plus by Shauna Myers “Why was MegaUpload really shut down?”

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