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If there are only a handful of options available to you, then it’s damn fortunate if you like one, but that doesn’t make it OK that there aren’t more. If your favorite pastimes are dieting, getting shiny hair, and having your legs looked at, hallelujah: You will receive plenty of support in doing the things you like best. But liking your limited options doesn’t mean your choice is free. It’s still constrained — you just happen to be lucky.

Why “Choice Feminism” is an Illusion (With Bonus “Lost” Analogy) - an actually good take on the classic “false consciousness” arguments within feminism!

The Lost analogy just makes it doubly good.

(via tipsforradicals)

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    Ugh, I still don’t like this article. I don’t like the patronizing tone, and I don’t like the logically inconsistent...
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