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NYPD officers caught on tape brutally beating black 19y/o. Cops claimed teen had marijuana, a bag containing crack residue, and that he struck first. Now, surveillance video obtained by New York One shows confrontation was unprovoked - and the charges against the teen are false


In January, four NYPD officers were caught on tape brutally beating 19-year-old Jateik Reed in the Bronx. The officers claimed they stopped Reed after seeing him hold marijuana and a bag containing crack residue, and that Reed struck police first.  Now, surveillance video obtained by New York One appears to show that the entire confrontation was unprovoked — and that the charges officers levied against the black youth are false.

 Reed did not punch officers as they claimed, and Reed’s hands — but no drugs — are clearly visible in the video.  What is not clear, however, is where the drugs police must have submitted to evidence came from. In March, Reed’s attorneys told  AlterNet that the not-yet-released footage proved Reed did not hit officers or act suspiciously in any way. But they also said that the officers appear to pick drugs up from the ground. 

Reed’s attorney Michael Warren told AlterNet the video “clearly indicates two things.”

“Number one,” he said, “That it was a racially contextual stop, because they weren’t involved with any criminal activity whatsoever.”  Jateik Reed told AlterNet the stop-and-frisk turned violent when when he threatened to file a complaint to the Civilian Complaint Review Board.

“They told me they don’t care about a lawsuit,” Reed told AlterNet, “My brother has a complaint against them already, and they keep bugging us.”  As AlterNet previously reported, neighbors in the Bronx neighborhood where the beating occurred say they are regularly subjected to stop-and-frisk and otherwise harassed by police.

Second, Warren told AlterNet, the video clearly indicates that the drugs police charged Reed with possessing “are a package that the officer picked up off the ground. If you look at the video, nobody — none of [Jateik’s friends] threw anything on the ground.”

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