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URGENT: Google privacy policy change


Just got this in an email

In just a few hours, new policies will take effect at Google, endangering your privacy.

Tech publication Gizmodo reports, “things you could do in relative anonymity today [like your web searches], will be explicitly associated with your name, your face, your phone number come March 1st.” And this applies retro-actively if you don’t act today.

You can protect yourself in just 1 minute! Click here for a step-by-step guide to protecting your privacy from Google’s changes.

sharing with my followers because your privacy matters! They had searches from 2008…even showed which pages of which Google Books I viewed and when…spooky.

It's Official: Google Is Evil Now

swintons:hostilities | bellafaim:

In a radical privacy policy shift, Google announced today that it will begin tracking users across all services—email, Search, YouTube and more—sharing information with no option to opt out. The change was announced in a blog post today, and will go into effect March 1.

For what little it’s worth (and not entirely related to this particular privacy issue), you can install a target-ad opt-out extension for your browser here.  We shouldn’t have to opt out of information tracking in the first place, but this is a start.  Perhaps we should all start surfing in Anonymous mode?

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